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Friends Pictures

Here are some pictures of my friends and I doing various things. They are mostly all mixed together, cause I was too lazy to organize them.

Here I am with my friend Elyssa after my high school graduation.

Here I am at the Iowa State Fair standing in front of the Iowans for LIFE booth that my friends and I helped out with.

Me, Megan, Katie, and Elyssa. This picture was taken outside of my church during a Spring dance my friends put on.

Ah, that's me. Not sure who's giving me the bunny ears. Hilary, was that you?! This picture was taken on New Year's Eve 2003.

Me, Elyssa and Meg before the dance at a Civil War reenactment we went to.

Annie, Rachel, and I at the Iowa State Fair 2003. My friend and I didn't know we would both be wearing the same tops!! Oh well, we didn't mind being twins for the day.

Such cute sisters!

Me and my friends, Annie and Rachel, posing as Charlie's Angels on New Year's Eve 2003. Aren't we "kewl!!"

Here's another Charlie's Angel's pic.

Elyssa looking so pretty!

Elyssa, having a good laugh.

Side view of Elyssa.

Elyssa and I posed by a pond at a friend's graduation party.

Here we are again in front of my church.

My two good friends, Erin and Elyssa.

Best friends. Me, Rachel, and Annie. New Years '03

Hilary and Elizabeth. New Years '03

Katie, me, Annie, and Rachel at the fair.

My sister Katie.

Yup, that's my sis.

Liz and Katie. New Years '03

Katie pointing her finger at someone. Not sure who she was pointing at, though.

The back of Elyssa and the side of me doing our needlework at a reenactment.

Group picture. New Years 2003. Katie, Hilary, me (Anna), Annie, Elizabeth, and Rachel.

They decided to lift me up for this picture. I just don't know how they were able to manage me!! New Years '03

Rachel at the fair.

The two graduates! Rachel and I at a graduation party.

Here we are again on New Years '03.

Rachel, me, and Annie.

My friends and I decided to play school. I was teaching the lesson. :-) Elyssa is on the left of me, Nickie on the right, and Megan in the back.

Diligently doing our schoolwork.


Katie, Rachel, me, and Annie. Summer 2001

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